Get Motivated! 9 Ways to Help You Get Motivated

Are you wondering how to get motivated for your next big goal? Do you feel like you need motivation? Here are nine tips to get motivated

How To Get Motivated & Stay Focused

Know your WHY

One of the first steps to get yourself motivated is to know WHY you are doing something. If you value a habit or outcome in your life, you’re more likely to take action towards it.

Start Small

When you want to start working towards something, start small. When you are taking on big tasks, you may feel overwhelmed and not even start at all. Set goals that are attainable and break them down. Schedule the first small step that you know you’re able to do, and get stuff done.

Schedule It

Putting it on your calendar and setting a schedule for yourself is a great way to reduce any decisions you make during the day. You’re creating a habit to put what you want in practice at certain moments.

Post It Somewhere

I put my goals on my blog all the time for accountability. There’s just something about making your goals public that makes you more likely to follow through. Don’t have a blog? No problem

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