10 Most Frugal Things People Admitted Backfired In Their Face

1.  Skipping Preventative Dental Care

“Skipping preventative dental care. Had I paid for that annual care and dealt with cavities, even when I didn’t have insurance.

2. Second-Hand Freezer

“I bought a second-hand freezer at a yard sale for $20,” stated one. 

3.  Starting A Garden

Someone explained, “I tried to start a small garden. I spent around $150 on potting soil, seeds, pots, hand tools, etc. 

4.  RV Living Is Blast

One user shared, “When my husband and I started living together, we stayed on my brother’s property in an RV 

5.  Cutting Corners While Traveling

“Cutting corners while traveling never worked out for me,” another confided. ““Using multi-stop flights to save money is a pain. 

6.  Hiring A Friend Of The Family Because It’s Cheaper

“Hiring a friend of a friend to do some work on my home. I got some good work done for cheap, but it caused a lot of issues. 

7.  Sometimes It’s Cost-Efficient To Make Things Yourself

“People thought it was weird that I would buy many things I could easily make as a welder. 

8.  Commuter Cars Don’t Have To Be Top Tier

“Moving to a new city, I needed a commuter car to get me to and from work.  

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