Frugal-Not-By-Choice aka Being Poor

Are you stuck making your own soap because you can’t afford to buy dish soap? If you are, you may have been disappointed to hear what some personal finance bloggers had to say today. I know I was. 

Some people actively choose to live frugally. They are frugal-by-choice. But there are very many people out there who aren’t lucky enough to have a choice. They are frugal-not-by-choice. The difference between the two is vast. 

Most personal finance advice is for people who are choosing to be frugal and not for people who are actually poor

What if you are frugal-not-by-choice? What if you are not saving a few dollars for the sake of saving money but because you LITERALLY do not have a few dollars to spend? What if those few dollars are the difference between debt and no debt? Or between food and no food? 

Get a job? What I disagree with is that jobs are just handed out to whoever wants one. What I have a problem with is the simplistic way this advice is dispensed. I need money. So go and get money. Great! 

Some people are not able to work. Some people want to work and can work but are simply unable to find work. This may be for a very long time or for a short amount of time, but the fact remains you can’t simply wake up and decided to get a job and then have the job by the time night comes. 

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