7 Ways to be Frugal and Eco-friendly

Being frugal and being eco-conscious often work hand-in-hand. Here are some cheap and affordable ways to be a little more eco-conscious. 

1. Craft Box 

Cheap, easy, and sustainable. 

2. Homemade Crayons 

Every so often, I go through the crayons and collect all the small and broken pieces. These get saved until we have a nice amount. 

3. Hand me downs 

I save my kid’s clothes and try to use them as hand me downs as much as possible. 

4. Hanging Clothes   

Speaking of clothes lasting- I try as much as possible not to use a dryer. I hang all my clothes. This reduces the number of dryer loads I have to do (save on electricity), and the clothes last much longer when hung to dry rather than put in the dryer. 

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