Feeling Bored at Work? Here Are 10 Productive Things To Do

It’s not uncommon to feel bored at work. Most of us fall into a routine where one day blends into the next. Whether you are working from home during this time or not, doing the same thing day after day can be boring after a while.

10 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored at Work

Research Your Industry

Staying up to date with your industry is a smart way to give yourself a competitive advantage. It also can help you figure out if you want to continue down this career path or if it’s time for you to make a career change and move on to something else.

Update your resume

Try to treat your resume like a living document and not only something you scramble to update when you suddenly need it. It’s a lot easier to keep it polished if you revise it regularly.


Networking is an essential part of every career path. It gives you the chance to learn and share ideas, improve your confidence, and develop professional relationships. Sometimes it’s all about who you know and not what you know.

Learn Something New

Most companies welcome the opportunity for you to grow your skills or learn new ones that will help you do your job better and provide some mental stimulation.

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