Exercising on a Budget: I Don’t Need Hand Weights to Exercise

How do I exercise on a budget?

Exercising on a budget is more of a mindset than a collection of tips and tricks. By cutting out all the noise in my head telling me, I need to do it perfectly, or else it is not worth doing it all!

The Place I Live

1. Thank goodness that I live in a place that I can spend money at a dentist that can fix my problem! This is something that would have caused me to lose a tooth if I lived in a different age or place. Luckily, after a few hours and (actually pretty painful) simple procedure, my problem is cured. A few hours of pain and that is it.

My Problem

The problem is that I don’t really like to start exercising. So, whenever I think about exercising, I immediately go into a spiral of things I need to exercise effectively. I get all excited and think to myself: “I must start exercising. I will join a yoga class, and that will really get me into shape” or “I must buy a treadmill- that way I can jog even if it’s late at night or I don’t have a babysitter” or “I must do an exercise DVD. I just need hand weights, ankle weights, and a yoga mat. Oh, also new yoga pants and a sports bra.”

The Problem with My Problem

1. They are just excuses to procrastinate 2. I don’t actually have the money to spend on these items.

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