Summer Bucket List: Cheap and Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Sit down with your family and choose which activities from the list should go on your summer bucket list- not everything will work for everyone. Then cross them off one by one! 

Collect Seashells 

If you live near a beach, run and go collect seashells! Collect as many as you want (you can always put them back later) and bring some home with you as a nice memento. You can even make a summer craft with your finds!

Go Jump In a Pool 

Does anything say summer more than taking a huge leap into a swimming pool? I can’t think of one!

Drink Ice-Cold Lemonade 

The thought of drinking iced lemonade conjures images of lazing around on a hammock with your favorite book or lounging by the pool with friends enjoying the afternoon sun.

Eat Watermelon 

Buy a huge watermelon, slice it open, and enjoy the delicious summer fruit.

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