Need Money? Tons of Easy Ways to Get Emergency Cash

BA Dime Saved

Drive for Lyft or Uber

The application is quick and easy, and you get paid weekly.  

Have a unique skill or passion? Create and sell an online course. There are plenty of websites available that make getting started easy!  

Teach Something

Go through your old jewelry and see if you have any mismatched or broken pieces 

Sell Jewelry and Precious Metal

Offer to clean up a neighbor’s garden or mow lawn

Do Jobs for Neighbors

Have a look at everything you have in your house. Whether it’s old clothes, books, or even old cell phones, you’re not getting any benefit from them if they’re lying around not being used.  

Sell your stuff

Apps like TaskRabbit, Instacart, Handy, and many others allow you to find some quick jobs that will pay you. 

Do Tasks with an App

Two quick ideas to consider: Rent out a room in your house, get a roommate, or rent your house on Airbnb when you know you’ll be away from home. 

Rent out your house

Switch Bank Accounts

When most people think of sign-up bonuses, they think of credit cards and don’t realize that many bank accounts will offer you a few hundred dollars to make the switch as well.  

Want more ideas to make quick cash?