Don’t Get Beached by High Hotel Prices in 2022

With food, energy, and gas prices increasing, how can you afford vacation accommodations when their price tag is also rising? 

What Is Redweek?

It’s the most prominent online timeshare marketplace where 3 million people read resort reviews, list their timeshare, or rent one from an owner. 

How Much Are Rooms Discounted at Redweek?

When you book a timeshare rental from an owner on Redweek, you save 30 to 50% off the hotel price. Individual timeshare owners set the cost of their rentals, so you really can secure resort reservations at a significant discount. 

So Redweek Offers Timeshare Resort Rentals?

Yes, but it’s not what you’re probably thinking about timeshares. Instead, today’s timeshares are fully stocked condo rooms in some of the most in-demand, award-winning resorts like upscale global hotel brands Hyatt, Westin, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, even The Four Seasons, and The Atlantis. 

You Can’t Go Wrong

So whether you’re looking to take a road trip vacation or a bucket-list trip to Hawaii, take a look at the top resorts booked and requested by travelers like you on Redweek last year. 

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