Why You Need Dip Powder Nails

What are dip powder nails? What are its benefits, and how can someone know whether it’s the right choice? 

What Are Dip Powder Nails? 

The dip powder technique or the SNS nails involves applying or “dipping” the nails into a durable and colorful powder. The method has gained immense popularity since it can last for almost a month, longer than standard gel or acrylic manicures. 

Nail Preparation

Before any sort of treatment takes place, the nails need a thorough cleaning to get a good foundation.  Prepare the nails by gently scrubbing the nail plates to remove any dirt under the nails or nail polish.

Base And Powder Application

Apply a base coat to every nail. It is best to do one nail at a time. While the nails are wet, dip the nails in the powder. Depending on the desired color intensity, we can repeat the process a couple of times.

Top Coat and Activator Application

The last step is to apply an activator and a top coat. Space out your coatings and use the activator first.  Once the nails are dry, add the final top-coat layer.

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