Dealing With The Family Budget Police: 10 Strategies For Handling Critical Relative

1. Stop Telling Them About Your Finance

What you do with your finances is your business. 

2. Tell Them You’re Happy With Your Life

Another explained, “Shrug, and says I like my life and have what I need. I’m happy!” 

3. Reinforce Your Decision Without Discouraging

Your frugal habits seem strange to someone who is not frugal. 

4. Don’t Engage

When someone questions why you won’t buy something, nod, smile and walk away. 

5. Leave It With Simple Answer

If you need to explain yourself, give a short answer, something close-ended.  

6. Explain To Them Why

Sometimes people reject what they don’t know and understand. 

7. Blankly Stare

Many semi-jokingly noted how they would stare. No expression, just a blank face. 

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