Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Homeschool Curriculum

I have put together some resources here to help you put together a budget-friendly homeschool curriculum. 

Reuse Items

Here are some great materials that can be easily repurposed for so many things: Cereal Boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, all boxes, plastic wraps, corks, jars, containers (We are all becoming our grandmother right now- wash out those mayonnaise and peanut butter containers!). These are great for activities and for storing all your new materials- no need to spend a lot of money on containers, and these types of materials.


Get books from the library or from other free places. Ask around on community Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups for anything you can borrow. Maybe someone is giving something away? maybe a kindly mother is happy to lend something out?

Sign up for free stuff

Sign up for these free book clubs. Utilize free trials (see below). Follow savings blogs for free activities, materials, or experiences.

Buddy up 

See if you can find another mother who is in the same predicament as you (this works best if you have kids of similar ages) and split any big purchases that need to be made.

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