Can’t Miss Business Travel Tips For 2022 and Beyond

Here are some business travel tips to save time and money and make the most of the resources available to us today. 

Plan Your Trips in Clusters

If you have several meetings or in-person appearances to make, and they happen to be geographically close, consider planning your business travel in clusters. 

Consider Hybrid

If you’re the one asking people to come to you, consider hosting a hybrid event. That means you invite those who are most needed in person and set up a live virtual event so that others can join in from home. 

Finding The Best Flights

Business travel credit cards can come into good use here. Each travel credit card has different perks. Some are associated with certain airlines; others are universal in giving you extra points for travel purchases. Yet others have excellent cash-back options. The one you choose should suit your overall business needs. 

Finding A Place To Stay

If you have that travel credit card, put it to good use! Find out if you can use points for your stay, get extra nights for free, or score complimentary perks. 

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