Budgeting on an Uneven Paycheck

Do you get an uneven paycheck? Many workers do not get a set paycheck every month and need to budget with an uneven paycheck. I am one of those workers! I like to use percentages instead of fixed amounts for a budgeting system that works for me. 

The best way to budget with an uneven paycheck is to use a percentage system.

Are you a gig-worker?

Are you a freelancer or a gig worker?   Some people get a set paycheck every month, but for many people, it fluctuates depending on how much they worked that month, overtime, holidays, etc.

Different Amounts

Many of us get an uneven paycheck every month, which doesn’t really lend itself to budgeting with specific and clean numbers.

Fixed Expenses

First, figure out what your fixed expenses are. These are the bills that don't change every month, like rent.

Variable Amounts

Decide on a percentage for all variable categories (clothes, spurge, coming soon, etc.) to put in your “envelopes.” The Modern Envelope Budgeting System uses bank accounts instead of actual envelopes to maximize savings and credit cards.

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