Breaking Free From a Poverty Mindset

Breaking free from a poverty mindset is not about making more money: changing your thinking and adopting a growth mindset. 

What is Poverty Mindset? 

Having a poverty mindset is a fear that you will never have enough. It holds you back by convincing you that your circumstances will never change for the better.

This way of thinking manifests in two ways:

1. Hoarding and not spending what you have because you may not get more later.

1. Always spending what you have because you may not have more later.

Rich Mentality Vs. Poverty Mindset

A poverty mindset means not thinking that learning and growth or social mobility is at all within your grasp.

Manifest Your Way to Wealth

While this may seem like an Instagram or self-improvement trope, you can affect change in how the world reacts to you by just changing your thoughts. 

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