Bored in Quarantine? 11 Fun Things to Do on a Budget

Are you bored in quarantine? Here are some things to do! 

Have a Dance Party

Do you think that because you are home alone during quarantine, you can’t have a party? Then you would be very wrong! Turn on some blasting music that you enjoy and twerk away! The best part of a dance party in your own home is that you can choose whatever music you want and literally dance like no one is watching. 

Cook Something New

Attempt a new recipe, technique, or a new cuisine that you have never tried. Whether it is sourdough, Indian Food, or pumpkin pie– try something new and have delicious new food to try. Don’t worry about the mess- you have plenty of time to clean up! 

Paint or Do Arts and Craft

If you don’t feel like expressing yourself with images, use abstract painting, and different mediums to help express yourself on paper or canvas. You don’t need to create something good or keep it when you are done. Painting is fun, even if you throw the project out after quarantine is done. 

Read a New Book

I love reading and encourage people to read as often as possible! Take this time in quarantine to try a  new book genre that you have never tried before. Never read a romance novel before? Try a funny romance novel or a book like Pride and Prejudice.  

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