Boost Your Workplace Swagger: 21 Simple Steps to Unleash Your Inner Confidence! 

Faith in oneself comes from an inner strength developed through positive reinforcement, discipline, and practice. Unfortunately, no one is born with a golden bag of confidence. So, if you’re struggling, lean in–here are 21 ways to boost your confidence at the office.

How To Be More Confident

Practice Confidence

Ever heard the phrase “fake it til you make it?” Well, there’s some truth to it. While perfection isn’t the goal, practice does lead to high levels of confidence, skill, and ability.

Identify Your Confidence Triggers

Successful, confident people have learned what works for them and what doesn’t. Take a moment to identify your confidence triggers. What makes you feel fabulous? What do you do well?

Accept That You’ll Never Be 100% Confident

Nothing’s perfect, and you’ll never be 100% confident, but you don’t have to stress it. High-performing employees set unrealistic standards and expectations that lead to discouragement. Get rid of the negative chatter in your mind.

Be Specific – What Are You Not Confident In?

Go ahead and recognize where you’re not confident. Be specific. Why aren’t you confident in those situations? What can you do differently? Now stop obsessing over these things. Instead, identify your weaknesses and make an effort to overcome them.

You can be the best that you can be and carry that feeling with you everywhere. It may seem awkward, but confidence is a skill to practice.

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