Best-Selling Fiction Books From The Year You Were Born

Best-Selling Fiction Books From The Year You Were Born

The ultimate list of the best-selling fiction novels from the year you and your friends and family were born using historical records from Hawes Publications, showing the list of books that claimed the #1 spot on The New York Times Best Sellers list each year. 

1989: Stacker pick: “Midnight”

The town of Midnight Cove is plagued by humans who turn into beasts that kill normal human beings. Those who survive band together to stop whatever is causing the phenomenon. 


1990: “The Bourne Ultimatum”

This is the third book in the “Jason Bourne” spy series. Carlos, known as the Jackal, is the world’s deadliest terrorist. As he nears old age, he wants one last showdown with Jason Bourne, an elite spy and David Webb’s alias. 


1991: “The Kitchen God’s Wife”

From Amy Tan, the author of “The Joy Luck Club,” this best-selling novel focuses on Winnie and Helen, who have kept each other’s secrets for more than 50 years. 


1992: “Scarlett”

This sequel by Alexandra Ripley to Margaret Mitchell’s beloved “Gone With The Wind” picks up right where Rhett Butler left Scarlett O’Hara 


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