Best and Easy Soup Recipes

When the weather gets chilly, there is nothing like a nice soup to warm you up!

5 easy soup recipes with few ingredients

The fewer ingredients a recipe has, the cheaper it usually is- unless the one ingredient is pretty expensive.

5 Hearty Soup Recipes

Any soup that has beans in it is probably going to be both frugal and hearty.

5 Best Soup Recipes for Dinner

I am of the opinion that you can serve soup anytime, anywhere. Yes- that includes summertime.

5 Homemade Soup Recipes

I am not a food blogger, so these easy soup recipes don’t have exact recipes or instructions. Presenting the A Dime Saved Cookbook!

5 Healthy Soup Recipes

Soup is the perfect healthy snack or meal! While most soups are healthy, here are 5 specifically healthy soup recipes.