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Avoid The Summer Slump: Keep Learning Alive The Whole Summer Long

While summer is a time for relaxation, play, and exploring for our kids and the LAST thing they want to do is school work, it’s important they keep up with their math and reading.

Here’s how to do both by teaching your kids about money with these tips.

Keep Learning Alive The Whole Summer Long

Get Your Kids a Library Card

You can find your book of choice together, check it out at the library and read it together anywhere! Then start the conversation.

Day trips are synonymous with summer! Get your kids involved with the planning by setting a price cap challenge. What can we do for $30? Or $50?

Create Activity/Day Trip Challenges

Already have a trip or vacation planned? You can give them a lump sum of cash (and a wallet to keep it in that you can hold for safety), or a preloaded credit card to do with as they wish.

Give Them a Trip Allowance

Let Them Help You Grocery Shop

Going to the grocery store is a necessary evil in every household. Sit down with your kids and create a budget (or tell them how much money there is to spend) and then build your list together.

Keep Your Kids Engaged!

Keeping your kids engaged throughout the summer doesn’t have to be boring! As parents, we can help make learning about math, reading, and financial literacy fun

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