Attention Pet Owners! Tips to Keep Your House Clean

Kids and pets together are double trouble! So here are some expert tips for cleaning all that mess without breaking your back or the bank! 

Invest a Bit to Make it Easier 

Choose a vacuum cleaner with a range of attachments to clean up after your pet. 

Mini cleaning stations 

Instead of having one centralized cleaning supply center, create smaller mini cleaning stations via baskets or fabric cubbies throughout your home (bathrooms, mudroom, kitchen, upstairs/downstairs, etc.). 

Put On Some Music 

Pop in those headphones and turn the music up! Listening to music makes cleaning much easier and will make the time go by much quicker! 

Involve the Whole Family 

The best way to keep a home clean is to involve the whole family! Maintaining a clean home is a huge task for just one person to take on. 

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