Are you prepared for when your spouse dies?

Are you prepared for when your spouse dies? It is not something we like to talk about or even think about but unfortunately, it is something that we need to deal with. 

What would happen to you if your spouse died?  Would you have access to your money?

Caring for a Spouse

Caring about someone means making sure they have the ability to take care of themselves after you are gone as well.

Think for one moment (even though you don’t want to)- what would happen if your husband (or whoever takes care of the finances) would die or be incapacitated for whatever reason. WOULD YOU HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY? WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO USE YOUR MONEY?

You Need to Know

Know where your money is. Know which accounts you have and with which banks. If for some reason, you have separate accounts or private accounts- perhaps consider having a list of some sort (in a SAFE, SECURE space) that lists these details for the person you wish to have access to your account in the event you are unable to communicate with them.

Make Sure Your Spouse Knows

Make sure your spouse knows the passwords to your bank accounts, email accounts, etc. If you can’t trust them with this information then perhaps you should reconsider your relationship.

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