Are You on Book Tok? Top 10 Most Popular Book Tok Influencers 

“Shut up and read this book”.  These words, in a 57-second video posted on Tik-Tok, catapulted a book onto the New York Bestsellers List. 

What is Book Tok?

Book Tok is the name of the niche on Tik-Tok, where users post book recommendations, discuss books, literary tropes, and all things book-related. It has quickly become a driving influence on publishing and literary sales. 


Managed by 21-year-old Ayman Chaudhary, gained traction for the first time in late 2020 when Ayman published a 57-second-long video where she recommended a book she read by saying: “stop what you’re doing, shut up and read this book!”. 

Since then, Ayman has continued to grow thanks to her book recommendations, book hauls, tips to diversify your bookshelf, and funny sketches on stories she just finished. In just over a year, all this added up to almost 750 thousand followers and nearly 70 million likes, making her the most popular Book Tok influencer 


Pauline Juan, the owner of @thebooksiveloved, comes in second with 538,600 followers and almost 24 million likes. Regardless of her own mighty library, Pauline advocates for affordable reading 

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