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9 Shows About European Royalty To Make You Want To Travel

Here is a list of shows to watch if you want to learn more about some of these historical individuals while being thoroughly entertained.

The Crown

Not only will you be watching phenomenal acting but giving accurate detail to historic key members of the British Royal Family,.

Mary, Queen Of Scot

It’s not easy being Queen of Scotland, especially when you are constantly fighting to maintain ownership of your own country. Against your cousin….the legendary Queen Elizabeth of England.

This short series takes us into Eastern European society as we learn about the last royal family of Russia before their execution which led to the establishment of the Russian Soviet Republic and consequently the Soviet Union.

The Last Czar

Vikings/Vikings: Valhalla

In this television series and its sequel not only are there great battle scenes but we also learn about the introduction of Scandinavian Vikings into the rest of the European world.

This European family was shrewd and calculating enough to become one of the most influential families in Italy during the Italian Renaissance.

Medici The Magnificent

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