9 Fun Games to Play at The Park With Kids

Afternoon in the park? Here are nine fun games to play at the park with kids. 

Because of the wide-open spaces that a park offers, it is a great place to bring an assortment of balls to toss, kick and throw. On the basketball courts, you can rouse up a friendly game of HORSE where participants take aim at the basket and compete for the best shots. 

Have a Ball

Four square is another fun game that you can play at the park. Many parks have four square courts sprayed in paint on the asphalt or concrete surfaces of the park. If yours does not, bring some sidewalk chalk and make your four-square court. 

Four Square

You can play this game with a ball or a frisbee. First, players assemble in a circle, choosing one player to be the “monkey.” The players then toss a ball (or frisbee) back and forth across the circle to other players on the opposite side. Next, the “monkey” tries to intercept the ball. 

Monkey in the Middle

It’s an old-fashioned game that has been around for centuries. Likely a favorite from your childhood, your kids will enjoy a game of hopscotch at your local park. Chances are your park has several hopscotch courses already painted on the ground 

Hop Scotch

If you know the park well, you can use the things at the park and make an obstacle course for your children. This game is a lot of fun for a party for your children. Take a few hula hoops and set them up too. Make this as fun as possible 

Obstacle Course

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