8 Ways To Enjoy Nature This Fall

Each of these nature activities keeps the walk new and fresh so you can go to the same place numerous times, each time with a different activity in mind. 

Nature Walk Memory Game 

Take a few items and put them on the ground. Have each person looks at it for a few minutes and commit it to memory. Then cover it or put it away. Everyone has to recreate exactly what they saw by collecting similar items and placing them in the same order and design.

Nature Walk Bingo

Do a nature walk bingo by printing out my free nature walk bingo printable. Print out the nature walk bingo and enjoy! You can use markers, dot pains, or stickers to cover the squares when you see the item in the box.

ABC Game

Nature walk scavenger hunt.

Close-Up Photography

For the truly creative kids, you can take the time to print out some interesting prints and make a photo book for a whole gallery on your walls. Encourage your budding photographer and have them learn to love the beautiful intricacies and details of nature. 

Color search

This is great for young kids who cannot read. Print out a rainbow template or a paper with different colored boxes (you can download mine here!) and have each kid look for other items that match that color along the way!

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