8 Practical Ways To Teach Your Toddler Responsibility

When it comes time to teaching toddlers responsibility, there are so many ways to add things throughout the day that will not only help your toddler learn to be more responsible but will also help in so many other ways in their life!

Here are some simple ways you can teach your toddler responsibility!

Openly Communicate

Saying things like “Here, watch mommy do this” and “No, that’s not safe” really speaks to them in a way that they will come to understand if they don’t already!

Ask Them Questions

Whenever there is an opportunity, ask them questions! Why did the turtle just do that? Is the turtle sad? Did he lose his teddy bear? What can we do to help him?

Let Them Practice On Their Own

It’s really important to let them be independent but in a reasonable way. Let them know that you are there to help them!

Let Them Watch You Slowly

So if you’re tying shoes, picking up toys, wiping a table…let them watch you. Let them watch you before you let them try doing it.

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