8 Clean And Sustainable Gifts Your New Mom Friends Will Appreciate

When you get that baby shower invite or hear the joyous new baby news, grab one of these awesome new products and delight the new mom in your life. 

Well Told Insulated Tumblers

There is nothing more powerful than the thirst of a new mom. So skip the traditional blankets and head to the hospital with one of these insulated tumblers.  

MyBevi Tumbler

MyBevi is the new mom’s best friend this summer. What sets this brand apart from competitors is how easy it is to carry your diaper bag, phone, keys, and a tumbler while on the go. 

LoveHeld Baby Carrier

These beautiful baby carriers were created by a busy mom of five, sewing each item herself at home! So rest assured, they take great when crafting every item to be gentle on babies, moms, and the environment.  

Clean Age – Essential Kit

As a mom, it has so many useful applications. The adorable tote has deodorant, hand sanitizer, and…. chewable toothpaste.  

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