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8 Fun Shows You Can Watch On Hulu Right Now

Looking for shows to stream tonight on Hulu? While there are tons of great content you can watch if you only have one subscription, it’s great to know what you can catch and watch right now.

Animal Control

This cute, new sitcom is a standard spin on the standard workplace comedy with the added perk of lots of cute animals!

The Great

This hilariously funny and inappropriate show is very loosely based on the true story of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, as she rises to power.

This is a regular cop show, just like so many on Television, except… it’s not really. The main character Will Trent is an outsider and a renegade, and you will grow to love him.

Will Trent

Abbot Elementary

With two seasons and renewed for a third (although the strike will delay that), Abbott Elementary is a “mockumentary” and is a comedy that you’ll enjoy.

A twist on the original How I Met Your Mother show, How I Met Your Father, turns the story around by switching the genders.

How I Met Your Father

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