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8 Fun Chanukah Games And Activities

There is nothing better than playing a game as a family and what better time to do that than on Chanukah? We can do a boring game night or we can play some awesome Chanukah Games!

Latke Bake-Off!

The Challenge: Make a Latke for everyone to try The Criteria: The majority of judges have to agree that it is considered a latke. Otherwise, no rules. Any vegetable or format is acceptable.

Find the Jug of Oil

A simple pitcher or other large item is covered in foil and hidden somewhere in the house. Whoever finds it first wins!

Chanukah Charades

This should be really self-explanatory. Write Chanukah words, names, or ideas on a card. You have to act out the word on the card.

If you made my menorah craft then you will have a menorah that is perfect for playing Pin the Light on the Menorah.

Pin the Light on the Menorah.

Take a handful of dreidels and strew them about. Whoever finds the most wins! You can use chocolate coins if you don’t have a lot of dreidels around. We happen to have a plethora of dreidels just sitting around but not everyone does!

The Great Dreidel Hunt

5 Second Chanukah Categories

Each person gets a piece of paper and a pen. You have 5 seconds (a timer is a good idea) to write 3 things that fit into each category.

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