8 At Home Date Night Ideas

We all know that taking the time to reconnect with one another is very important for your relationship to continue to thrive

Take the movie viewing outside

Set up a projector and arm yourself with all of the blankets, cushions, snacks, drinks, and enjoy doing something you might ordinarily do in a different way.  

Make homemade pizzas

Pizza is usually a firm favorite for many people, but you might not necessarily make your own. So one evening, why not have a date night where you make homemade pizzas together. You might be surprised by how fun and therapeutic making the dough can be.  

Play games 

Board games have seen a bit of a revival in the past few years, and they can be a lot of fun that you enjoy together. You could also give the game “Twister” a go, which can be very testing for couples as you find yourself in some strange positions.

“Blackout” night 

What is a “blackout” night? This is where you enjoy time together without any distractions—putting your phones in another room or switching them off. No TV, computers, or tablets are allowed. It is all about having time one to one to talk and reconnect.

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