7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste in your Home

I hate throwing food out and letting it go to waste! Here are some of the things I do to try to reduce food waste in my home.

How to reduce food waste in your home

Vegetable Stock

I have a container where I put my vegetable stock- leftover carrots, browning greens, etc. go into this box. I also put carrot peels, the strings from my celery and other scraps. These sit in my freezer until I need a new chicken or vegetable stock.

Chicken Stock

I will buy some chicken necks or bones and make a flavorful chicken stock as well. Try going to a butcher or a local chicken counter and ask them to sell you some chicken scraps- they may have some necks and bones for very cheap that you can use to make chicken stock with.


I love smoothies and they are a great snack. Frozen fruit can be really pricey though! Browning fruit go into a container just for that purpose. A lot of bananas end up there but sometimes berries, dates, kiwi, and pears go as well.

Apple Cobbler

I don’t like apples in my smoothies but my kids love apples (sometimes). Browning apples get placed into their own container where I save them until I have enough for a cobbler, pie, apple sauce or apple cider.

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