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7 Of Our Favorite Hidden Gems To Stream Now

Sick and tired of all the famous shows that are recommended so often? Looking for a hidden gem TV show you can watch? Here are some of the best recommendations after someone asked, “Favorite hidden-gem shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+?”

What We Do In The Shadows

This comedy series follows the lives of four vampire roommates who have been living together for hundreds of years in Staten Island.

Teenage Bounty Hunter

Two teenagers from a southern WASP-y family become bounty hunters while navigating life as a teen.

Based on true events, this adventurous historical comedy follows the eccentric and notorious pirate Stede Bonnet as he embarks on outrageous exploits in the Golden Age of Piracy.

Our Flag Means Death

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A unique musical comedy-drama, this series follows the life of Rebecca Bunch, a successful lawyer who leaves her high-pressure job in New York City to chase after love and find happinesss.

Set in a fictional big-box store called Cloud 9, this workplace comedy delves into the daily shenanigans of a diverse group of employees .


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