6 High-Tech Breastfeeding Products That Are Changing The Game

These 6 High-Tech Breastfeeding Products Are Perfect for the New Working Mom 

Luna Breast Pump

Moms rave about how efficient, portable, light, and quiet Luna is. In a comparison test conducted by C+R Research, 5 out of 6 moms got more milk in less time with the Luna, and 9 out of 10 moms preferred the Luna over their current pump. 

Bare® Air-free Feeding Device

Bare® Air-free is a high-tech feeding device that helps initiate, reinstate, and extend breastfeeding. The main body of the feeding device is a cylinder and a plunger, called Air-plug®. Once the Air-plug® is installed inside the cylinder, it becomes a container you can fill with breast milk, formula, or other liquid food. Last, the container is closed with a collar/nipple creating an airtight environment.  

nfant® Thrive Feeding System

nfant®, the leading provider of FDA-approved smart feeding solutions to pediatric hospitals, revealed the first home-based smart infant feeding solution. Supporting both bottle and breastfeeding, the nfant Thrive Feeding System applies cutting-edge smart technology that takes the guesswork out of baby feeding and provides parents with expert guidance to optimize baby feeding 

Momcozy Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Momcozy manufactures and sells breastfeeding aids, such as breast pumps and pumping bras. Their hands-free pumping bra is a crowd favorite as moms love the ability to pump while hands-free. While hands-free pumping bras have been around for a while, the Momcozy prides itself on the scientific design that makes it extremely comfortable for users.  

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