5 Ways to Celebrate all The Jewish Holidays on A Dime

Save All Year

Every paycheck (I get paid every other week)- I take 10% of my paycheck and deposit it into a special account which I call my “Yom Tov or Jewish Holiday” Account. This account is for the Jewish Holidays. This means that for 12 months out of the year I am saving for the holidays.

Use Every Hack and Trick in the Book

You want frugality- you got it! I plan my meals according to my budget. I plan my décor according to my budget. I buy clothes according to my budget. Everything I do, I try to have in mind my financial constraints.

Spend Money on What Matters

I try to focus my savings on those places that have the biggest impact. I spend more time pricing chicken and meat than a vegetable, because those are pricier and will have the most impact.

Interested in more ways to celebrate on a budget?

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