45 Cheap Indoor Activities for Kids

Kids need things to do at home that do not involve sitting at a screen and are cheap and easy to do indoors. 

Indoor scavenger hunt

Indoor scavenger hunts are super fun and easy to do because all you need to do is print out a list like this one and have your kids run around the house until they find all the items.

Read books

Spice it up by having each kid pick a book with a specific theme (like sharing or money or something about sleep) and take turns reading out loud. 

Play charades

Play a board game

Sort small toys by color

Any toy works for this, but Clicks, Lego, or Magnatiles are great for this. Have them sort it all by color (either in piles or in towers).

Make a calm down jar

These calm down jars were super fun to make and fun to have. It calls for pretty basic materials, and you can use your imagination to adapt them to whatever you have. This is the actual one we made.

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