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41 Fun Fall Activities For Families

The leaves are starting to turn, pumpkins are popping up around the neighborhood, and the aroma of apple cider fills the air- it’s time for fall!

Here are some of the fun fall activities that every family should have on their fall bucket list. 

Fall Bucket List: 41 Fun Fall Activities For Families

Go On A Nature Walk

Nature is always beautiful, but fall is an especially gorgeous time- with all the leaves changing colors or lush greenery (depending on your location).

Make yourself a yummy, hot cup of tea and curl yourself up on a couch reading a book or watching a movie.

Drink Tea

Jump in the pile of lives and get into a leaf fight! Your kids will have a blast, and you will have tons of fun.

Play With A Pile Of Leaves

Go To A Football Game

Football is almost synonymous with fall! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to watch a game.

Take A Fall Picture

This may be cliche, but who cares? Take a beautiful photo (by yourself, with family, or with friends) wearing cozy fall sweaters with gorgeous fall foliage as a background.

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