40 of the Best Jobs for Retirees

The majority (55%) of workers plan to work in retirement either part-time (41%) or full-time (14%). Those who plan to retire after age 65 or work after retirement suggest financial reasons and staying active as grounds not to retire just yet. 

Here Are 40 of the Best Jobs for Retirees

Logistics Supervisor

The logistics supervisor oversees daily operations at manufacturing plants and warehouses, coordinating shipments of products. Since the pandemic, supply constraints have impacted product deliveries in virtually every industry. This job commands an annual salary of $54,209.

Technical Writer

Engineers can be essential to communicating their know-how. If they write well, they use their expertise as technical writers who write instruction manuals and other technical documents to help consumers and professionals navigate machinery, equipment, and appliances.

Engineering Professor

There is strong demand for engineering professors to teach aspiring engineering in undergraduate and graduate students. Professors can get $59,660 annually.

Quality Assurance Inspector

The quality assurance inspector works for factories and manufacturing plants to ensure the proper and efficient assembly of products and processes according to rules and regulations or recommend changes. They earn about $59,651.

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