37 Household Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Freeze Your Bread

Fresh bread gets moldy faster than you’d think. Sometimes, you don’t even get the chance to use a delicious loaf before it starts to mold. In order to save money on your favorite baked goods, freeze them!

Use Your Croc-Pot

It’s cheaper and healthier to cook your meals at home, but who’s got the time? Eight out of 10 homes already have the solution: a crockpot!

Freeze Your Credit

Freezing your credit is a simple process your entire household can do. The major credit bureaus have made freezing your credit free and easy to do. And you can lift the freeze at any time if you are applying for something that requires a credit check.

Take a Video

If you ever need to make a homeowners insurance claim, it is critical to have documentation of everything you own. Rather than making a written list or keeping receipts in a separate location, take a video as you walk through your house and store it on the cloud.

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