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36 Must-See Netflix Shows That Will Change Your Life (Or At Least Your Weekend)

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix, searching for the perfect show to watch? Look no further! Here is a list of Must-See Netflix shows that will change your life and make your weekend!


“I loved this show and am still disappointed it never returned,” one person wrote. Another added, “All the scenery, acting, and credibility truly is one of a kind.”


“Narcos is the first show that convinced me that I could learn to speak Spanish.”mi familia “ as always said by Pablo Escobar,” one person commented.

Midnight Mass

“This show was truly horrific, and I loved it,” one person said. Another added, “It is not talked about enough. A horror masterpiece.”

Russian Doll

“Russian Doll!!! I’m sorry, hello? There are so many good ones, and I agree with a lot of the comments, but I’m surprised this one hasn’t been mentioned yet,” one person exclaimed.

“No doubt it’s Lucifer. It was the first series we started watching after installing the streaming system. It took several parts to adjust the brain and accept the light-hearted and creative theme. So much talent that nothing has touched us since, like Lucifer. It’s got it all; loaded with humor, action, creativity, and music,” one person wrote.


A person replied, “Heartstopper. It was so lovely and happy and (mostly) kind and sweet and heartwarming. I loved it and could watch it again and again. This show brought me joy with every episode.”


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