30+ Frugal Living Hacks That Work

The best frugal living tips are the ones that work the best for you- the ones that will help you start living frugally and make your life easier.

Budget. Budget. Budget.

Creating a budget gives a structure to your spending, which allows you to spend on what you want and not spend on what you don’t want to spend on. 

When you find a great deal, buy in bulk.

Make yourself a yummy, hot cup of tea and curl yourself up on a couch reading a book or watching a movie. Is there anything else that conjures up such a cozy, autumn feeling?

Keep old fruit.

Stock your freezer.

Get The Look

Avoid cleaning help.

We clean one floor together as a family every Sunday, and we often turn it into activities.

Get the kids involved.

Train your children from very young ages to do chores and household cleaning, according to their ability. Have a list of things that need to get done nightly, weekly, and monthly. Make it a fun family activity you can do every night.

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