When the weather gets chilly, there is nothing like a nice soup to warm you up! 

I compiled a list of the best soup recipes for you to make this winter.  These easy soup recipes are added to the rotation of soups I make for my family.

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Cream Of Zucchini Soup

This soup has only five ingredients! It’s that easy and cheap to make! I leave out the parmesan cheese because I find it unnecessary, but I love the creaminess and lightness of this soup, even without the cheese.   

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Red Lentil Soup

I love hearty soups that can take the place of a full meal, and this red lentil soup hits the spot. Unlike other bean-type soups, it actually cooks really quickly, so you don’t need to be too prepared. 

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Easy Onion Soup

Nothing has fewer ingredients than a regular onion soup! You can add cheese on the top, but I prefer to sprinkle some on top to save some money (I know I am hopelessly frugal!). French onion soup is the ultimate comfort food and is very easy to make. 

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Potato Soup

If you are struggling with a super tight budget, these are great, easy, and CHEAP recipes to make for a meal!  It is filling, hearty, and healthy. 

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Spicy Tomato Soup

Super easy. Super quick. Super few ingredients. It calls for fresh tomatoes, so it’s only a frugal soup when tomatoes are in season or on sale. This spicy soup is perfect when you are under the weather and need a good pick-me-up! 

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