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15 Shows Everyone Raved About But We Just Couldn’t Stand

Ever been excited about a show that someone recommended, but you couldn’t get into it? A show that everyone loved, but you couldn’t stand it? Here are 15 shows people couldn’t get into despite the hype.

Anne With An E

The OP (Original Poster) continued, “For me, it’s Anne with an E. I know a lot of people love this show. It looks really good, but I just can’t get into it.


Someone wrote that they couldn’t get into Bridgerton. Another added, “Same. I watched 5 episodes, and then I stopped.”

Someone wrote, “Yellowstone.” They continued, “I know it’s very popular, but after a few episodes it just seemed like such an improbable soap opera.


Big Mouth

“Big Mouth, it’s just not funny to me at all,” someone wrote. Another said, “It’s {really} weird and gross. inb4 ThATs THe POinT. No. It’s unenjoyable.”

Someone else said, “Ozark is just a worse “Better call Saul.” It’s still decent but lacks any kind of humour or likeable characters.


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