Snow Storm? 20 Winter Bucket List Activities To Try 

Here are 20 of the best winter activities that your family can enjoy together that are both inexpensive and full of fun. 

Decorate A Pinecone

If you’ve found yourself living in an area with no snow nor white sandy beaches, then chin up! There are many activities you and your family can do together that’ll bring winter into your home- decorating pinecones is one of them. 

Ice Hiking

If your family is more of the outdoors type, then Ice Hiking might be right up your alley. Many lodges, national parks, and entertainment centers open doors for those interested in hiking up the snow. 

Make Brownies

Build A Snow Sled

Get The Look

Have a Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are one of my favorite memories as a kid. Gather the kids up and their friends in the neighborhood and set up piles of snowballs around the yard to make it easy to dive right in.

Drink Hot Cocoa

After a long, cold day of snowball fights and other outdoor snow activities, gather around and have a nice, steaming cup of hot cocoa. You can add whipped cream and marshmallows for a truly fun bucket list activity.

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