20 Ways to Embrace Lifestyle Deflation Without Deprivation

If you want to reset and reevaluate not only your money but what your life will be after the pandemic, there are ways to bring it all into balance without feeling deprived.

20 Ways to Push The Reset Button and Embrace Lifestyle Deflation Without Deprivation

Find What “Enough” Means To You

Many of us don’t think about how much “enough” truly is. If you never evaluate what enough means to you, how will you ever know when you’re there? You might even have reached enough already but don’t even know it.

Enough Novelty

Shopping and buying are so convenient today that it’s easy to get that “high” from buying the newest gadget, exciting toy, or clearance item. If you buy too much, it might be a coping mechanism. Too few, you’re starting to feel deprived. If you like variety and often buy new things, but want to live a minimalist lifestyle, borrow things instead of buying them

Enough Experiences

Traveling and exploring can be life-changing and is a priority for a lot of people. You can still cut back the amount of money and time you’re spending without feeling deprived. Whether you cut back on the number of vacations you take a year or start to look for travel deals, focus on your bucket list activities vs. saying yes to every opportunity that comes along.

Enough Fame, Prestige, or Power

Many people strive to be revered. Do you want to be seen as an expert? Looked up to? Asked for your advice? Ask yourself what enough of each of these looks like for you as accomplishing them takes time.

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