20 Great Stay at Home Mom Jobs

Are you a stay at home mom who needs or wants to work as well? Here are some great stay at home mom jobs that all have one thing in common: flexibility. These are all great jobs you can do while also being an awesome mom. 

Stay at Home Mom Jobs That You Can Do With Your Kids Around


Blogging takes a lot of work and a lot of time but is very flexible. You can write a post during a kid’s nap and schedule social media posts during quiet times. You can even incorporate your kids into your blog by sharing the activities you do with them and all the learning opportunities you have.

Sell Your Work on Etsy

Are you creative? Are you artistic? Do you love making crafts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then look into selling some of your creating on Etsy. You can sell homemade crafts, printable, stickers, clothing, or even vintage items. This is a great way to make money and use your creative juices at the same time

eBay or Amazon Flipping

If you love shopping and have a great eye for deals, you can become an eBay or Amazon flipper! Scour garage sales, estate sales, or thrift shops for good finds. If you are lucky, you can head straight to eBay or Amazon and sell it at a mark-up.

Virtual Assistant

Small business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs all need help running their businesses, and you can help them! If you are good at office-type work and being organized, you can help all these people with the tasks they need to do to run their business properly.

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