20 Free Games For Kids To Educate and Entertain

Isn’t it a parent’s dream to have their kids learning and having fun, all for free? 

Jigsaw puzzles are a great problem-solving exercise for kids, and it’s fun to put together larger puzzles with friends. Puzzles can also teach children perseverance and teamwork! 

Put Together Puzzles

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween! Many kids love trying on dad’s ties or mom’s heels and makeup. They love having a complete makeover because it feels like they are wearing a costume.  


Parents don’t need to pay for a trip to the local bowling alley to bowl. If you don’t have an actual toy bowling set at home, set up other items in a driveway or hallway inside the house, like water bottles and small canned food items.  


Kids love blowing bubbles. Bubbles are a low-cost item unless you go a little high-end with a bubble shooter! Bubble liquid can be made free at home with dish soap. 


Paper games where you only require paper and a pen seem like it’s going back to basics but can be fun for kids. Kids can make puzzles for friends to solve, such as playing hangman.  

Paper Games

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