19 Surprising Frugal Habits You Can Start Now

Take some of these frugal habits and try to incorporate them into your life. Then, take the money you save and use it to better your life in some way: save up for an emergency fund, give more charity, save for retirement, or use it to make more money.

19 Frugal Habits to Incorporate Into Your Life

Shop Online

With grocery prices rising and the pandemic still here, lingering in bricks-and-mortar markets looking for bargains is becoming harder and much more inconvenient, especially if what your looking for is out of stock. I have found a super-easy way to save significant amounts of time and money in every grocery run.

Use Your Freezer

You can save quite a bit on food shopping by buying meat or chicken in large quantities, even if you only need a small amount for a particular dish. While the packaging can be large, use some cheap freezer bags to make it smaller and pop in the freezer to keep until you need it!

Eat Out Less

Try to limit your restaurant outings to once or twice a month. Once you’ve got the hang of it, try creating a simple meal plan that includes a grocery shopping list, and purchase large quantities of beans and other canned foods that can last longer.

Take Cold Showers

I’ve been taking ice-cold showers for the past five years. At first, it was just a fun challenge to wake me up in the morning. Then I realized cold showers could also save you money.

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