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17 Ways to Get Emergency Cash

Sometimes you need emergency cash, and you need it now! Try some of these ideas to get some quick cash when you need money desperately. 

Do you need money desperately? If you are stuck and need emergency cash and can’t wait for a paycheck or a side hustle to start taking off, here are some ways to get money quickly.

I Need Money Desperately: 17 ways to Get Emergency Cash

Drive for Lyft or Uber

The application is quick and easy, and you get paid weekly. You also have the benefit of working around your own schedule.

Have a unique skill or passion? Create and sell an online course. There are plenty of websites available that make getting started easy!

Teach Something

Go through your old jewelry and see if you have any mismatched or broken pieces containing gold or silver and sell them at a place that buys coins & precious metals.

Sell Jewelry

clean up a neighbor’s garden

Knock on some doors, hang up some signs, or post on neighborhood groups that you are willing to cut back perennial plants, remove dead annual plants and weeds, rake, mulch, and get the garden ready

Write Articles or Blog Posts

Good writing is in high demand, and if you offer your services at a discount, you will get snapped up. Sell a bunch of articles or blog posts to make a quick buck.

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