17 Summer Part Time Jobs To Get You Extra Cash

Need some extra money this summer? Here are some summer part time jobs that can net you serious cash! 


A bartender’s summer job is a great way to earn money for the future. The job is a lot of fun, and you get to meet new people all the time. You get to serve drinks and talk to the customers.

Amusement Park Worker

Amusement park workers are responsible for keeping the rides safe and operational and ensuring that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Lifeguard jobs are a great way to make some extra cash and get a tan all at the same time. Trained and licensed lifeguards can find lifeguard jobs at public beaches, pools, and rec centers.

Teach a Summer Class

Teaching a summer class is a great way to keep your skills fresh and make some extra money to help pay for your expenses.

Want More Summer Part Time Jobs You Can Get This Summer?

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